Lum the red-hot devil


Lil Lum the Red-Hot Devil is the first thing I thought of when I saw this shoot from BlueBlood‘s Amelia G and Forrest Black. If you grew up with the cinnamon red-hots, you know the cartoon devil that goes with it. Blue hair aside, Lum’s devil onezie is exactly how I would imagine the devil-come-seductrix would appear in our modern mayhem.

I love the playfulness of this shoot. The energy comes off from the page and it reminds us of a better time. Lum’s ability to shift and contort is on full display in this shoot – however, (you know this is coming…) I can’t show you the best of her contortions because they are so far out of SFW land that you’d require two sets of travel papers just to view them. Without spoiling what’s in store for the definitely-nowhere-near-safe for work photos, I can say that the devil horns theme (the hand gestures) are carried throughout the shoot in various and distracting ways.

Until you click on through (and if you think these SFW samples are hot, boy do you have to click on through!), I leave you with a bit of devilish punk-fun energy.

Lum as a little devil is adorable bouncing on the bed.
–Amelia G


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