BlueBlood: Edyn Nyx – the Devil next door


BlueBlood‘s perfect combo of Amelia G and Forrest Black are back with another perfect combo – that of Edyn Nyx and a rather sexy devil cosplay. Although there aren’t a lot of SFW pictures I can show, there is one in particular that captures the essence of the shoot perfectly.

Imagine Edyn Nyx in a see-through top that’s more suggestive covering than actual clothing. Now, add in some long n tasty black boots that lace straight up to heaven and you’ll get a glimpse of what most mortals can comprehend of Nyx’s presence.

Edyn Nyx is the perfect canvas for this devil’s delight shoot. She has it all from expressions, to body postures, and the make-up looks like it’s physically part of her. Her nails, black as my soul, are sharpened to a vampiric point and her hair, an orange coif of living flame, comes into focus with two horns. The horns look natural here. The nails look natural. The things we ‘know’ are costume design all look natural as if Edyn Nyx really does have horns. The super natural part of the shoot is her eyes.

Dig – we’ve got the orange-completely ginger-hair and the ginger eyebrows, but it’s the eyes – a smokey mix of hazel and burning ember – that really set this shoot ablaze. What Edyn Nyx can do with just a glance is something of which even Garbo would be jealous.

….and that’s just the SWF images. The others in the set smoulder for completely different reasons. If you ever wanted to see a ginger devil at her finest, then this is definitely the set for you. Don’t take my word for it, though, click on through and see you on the other side.

It’s high time we had some more sexy fun Devil babes over here and I love these pictures Amelia G and I got to do with Edyn Nyx. She’s so talented with pulling off all sorts of fantasy and Cosplay looks, but I’m particularly excited about this one for BarelyEvil!


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