Evie Rees goes all in for Adventure Time


Evie Rees rocks this Adventure Time dress and those majestic LashyDoodles. BlueBlood‘s Amelia G and Forrest Black combine their photo-fanstastical talents with the porcelain canvas of Evie Rees to pull off some magic that would make even Jake jealous.

First, let’s talk about the colors here. We have the lightest shades of pink on a creamy backdrop. This is what everyone thinks of when they say ‘creamy and pure’. Evie Rees is so perfectly shot in this set, even the pure white nice garter blends right in. Evie Rees is every Disney Princess come to life – in a very very good way.

Not only does Evie Rees really pull this shoot off as only she can, but those LashyDoodles are the perfect compliment to her majestic pageantry. I love how the single application of the LashyDoodle accentuates everything else on Evie Rees. It shows that a little in the right spot can go a long long way. This shoot works because of the combination light colors and a sharp contrast with the lashes. I love the pink eye shadow and how the light brown brows give everything the perfect framing.

Speaking of a perfect frame, you’ve gotta check out the NSFW pictures. Where did she get those boots!?

Evie Rees looks pink cotton candy sweet rocking her LashyDoodle eyelashes and Adventure Time dress. Here is the link to get this exact same magnetic lashes style Purple #5. Forrest Black usually lights our nude shoots a bit differently, but he was lighting the LashyDoodle shoots this way and we all thought it would be fun to shoot some naked-er creative work this way as well.

–Amelia G


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