The Copy Ninja’s True Face


It was rumored that Naruto ran longer than it should because of the mystery surrounding the true face of Konoha’s Copy ninja — Kakashi. Although I personally think that it is not the case, girls went crazy when it was finally revealed on the anime series Kakashi’s face.

There are a lot of funny fan-made pictures of Kakashi’s face (which are hilarious) and when his real face was revealed, there are still a lot of speculations. Some say that there’s a plot hole because of the dot on his left side of his face, which others said it was not there on the times where his face was “almost” revealed in the past.

According to Masashi Kishimoto, the creator of Naruto, regretted not able to show Kakashi’s face in the earlier manga/anime series because it was hard for him to revealed his real face because of the expectations from the fans. What do you expect Kakashi looks like? How do you feel that Kakashi’s face was finally revealed?

I think it was just the right time and for me, I was not expecting a lot but I was surprised that there are a lot of girls going crazy with Kakashi!


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