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The Copy Ninja’s True Face

It was rumored that Naruto ran longer than it should because of the mystery surrounding the true face of Konoha’s Copy ninja — Kakashi. Although I personally...

Meet Rei_Ayanamii’s Kakashi

Meet Rei_Ayanamii’s Kakashi

Talk about picking the right kind of cosplay for the circumstances that we’re living in. Kakashi was apparently ahead of his time when it came to mask wearing...

Discover Sweet And Loveliness With Yourcutewaifu’s Sakura Cosplay

Discover Sweet Loveliness With Yourcutewaifu’s Sakura Cosplay

I’m falling in love with the cosplay that Yourcutewaifu is wearing today. She has a red suit on that looks perfect for martial arts training, straight bubble gum pink...


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