Mad Libs with Skeleton NelParker


NelParker is looking fetchingly skeletal tonight. She is running a fun digital game of Mad Libs. People in her chatroom can tip for a noun, adjective, adverb, etc. It is free this Halloween month weekend to set up a profile, so you too can engage in Mad Libs. It has been literally years since I’ve seen someone running Mad Libs in their livestream and that was something I always thought was a blast, so I am psyched to see NelParker bringing it back. I used to play Mad Libs at sleepovers in grade school and a lot of people used to use very bad words. This one begins: “A spooky slimy wretched story …”

Welcome to my cozy corner of the internet! My name is Penelope, but most people call me Nel. I’m from Northern California, I am 26 years old and I’m pansexual. I’m a nerdy nympho who loves to flirt, listen to music, bake, consume THC, dance, and spend time with my Camily. My Birthday is March 13th and my Cammiversary is April 12th!


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