Let Them Eat Vegan Cake


October is diney_bday‘s spooky birthday month. She is rocking the most incredibly epic costume tonight. You just really have to see it. She says a friend helped her put everything on tonight and I don’t know how she is going to take off any of her Marie Antoinette cosplay, but she has champagne and vegan cake, so I expect she can consume those seductively. Anyway, she says this incredible outfit was two months in the making and she even got professional makeup tonight, and, wow, does it ever show. Humorously, member Hawking in her chat just asked, “wasn’t Marie Antoinette beheaded or did she give head or something like that?” And diney_bday said she initially misread it as her giving really good head. I highly approve of just editing reality to be better in what you read, especially when your outfit is so incredibly gorgeous as this one is. If you look this fantastic, you should get fantastic in everything. Ha, ha, the stream just glitched out for a sec and diney_bday just joked that, well, she is streaming from another century. I like a good sense of humor. The couple of screenshots below can’t possibly show how spectacular this is, but you are in luck, as it is free this weekend to set up a profile and discuss French history with everyone in room or tip to see the next level club shows coming.


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