Cubbixoxo Celebrates Cubtober


Broadcasting from her lair in Azkaban, Cubbixoxo is celebrating the month of pumpkins in trademark over-the-top style. She loves jack o’lanterns so much that, not only are they in her Halloween backdrop and accessories, but she has them permanently inked on her body. She says she wishes Halloweentown were real. I definitely share this wish. It is possible to visit the real life movie shooting location in St. Helens, Oregon and get into the Spirit of Halloweentown. Sometimes places that don’t exist really are the ones I most want to visit. I love that Halloween is a celebration of this, among other things. Cubbixoxo is doing some costume crafting with a wolf mask and she has it partially painted so far, but it is going to be used for a naughty full moon livestream. You can register for a free account tonight and friend her on the site, so you know when the full moon is. Member Tiervexx has also stacked up an impressive number of ghosts (see pic) on her wall and you could possibly get that option too, as a Boo with your name up in ghosts, if you were feeling the Halloween spirit strongly enough.

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