NelParker Cosplays Daphne Blake


NelParker is channeling Daphne for Scooby Doo Night. She says she had fun at the MFC Social, but it took a lot of sleep to make up for all the fun there. Not only it is free to set up a profile to friend NelParker on the site, but she is giving away a totally free gallery of a bunch of the naughty shenanigans she got up to there. We were just chatting about how gross and sticky Florida weather is and how huge the insects are in that tropical hellscape, but Exxxotica was still fun. NelParker is sharing some of the details of the types of collab videos she recently made or is planning to make with people she hung out with at those two events. You can stop by and chat about it with everyone in her room tonight.

Welcome to my cozy corner of the internet! My name is Penelope, but most people call me Nel. I’m from Northern California, I am 26 years old and I’m pansexual. I’m a nerdy nympho who loves to flirt, listen to music, bake, consume THC, dance, and spend time with my Camily. My Birthday is March 13th and my Cammiversary is April 12th!


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