It’s A-Her, Mermaid_Prince!


There’s a new Mario movie coming around and it’s a shame Mermaid_Prince wasn’t cast in it as the main plumber herself, because the cosplay is next level pretty with a little extra creativity on top!

Aside from the colorful outfit, I also really appreciate the array of ink she has on her body and how well it flows as she dances around the room. And she doesn’t need mushrooms to do a high jump either because her energy alone is enough to propel her up while she gets her bum moving and her smile growing.

My smile is growing just as much as I see Mermaid_Prince take in the energetic spirit and continue her show while she rocks that blue and red on her body – and maybe look for a Peach in the process!

It's A-Her, Mermaid_Prince!

It's A-Her, Mermaid_Prince!

It's A-Her, Mermaid_Prince!

Mermaid_Prince writes:

Real Name: Mermaid
Followers: 2623
Birth Date: Oct. 31, 2001
Age: 19
I am: A Woman


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