Enigmatic Akemi Homura Cosplay


From the cover, Puella Magi Madoka Magica may seem like your typical magical girl cutesy anime because of the way the art was done. However a few episodes into the anime you realize it is actually a bit dark and just very slightly morbid. Not what you were expecting after seeing the posters and reading the title. During the start of the season, Homura Akemi may not be the most favorited character but as the story progresses and a major plot twist is revealed she suddenly became the fan favorite.

One prominent feature of Homura is her elegance and her signature hair flip that she does with her hand and I think Mussum’s gotten that bit down perfectly. Mussum’s cosplay is not Homura’s costume from the series but rather from the third Madoka Movie, The Rebellion Story, that had fans shocked with yet another unexpectedly yet another somewhat dark plot twist.


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