A Private Afternoon With Jean


“You damn scallywag…You don’t just sneak into someone’s hideaway without consequences, ya know. Though I found this place by pure chance too. Don’t go tellin’ anyone else about it!” ~Jean Bart

If you play Azur Lane then you know this skin is worth spending your gems on. I mean, a pirate Jean wearing denim shorts, a bikini top, and strappy heels? Why wouldn’t you want to unlock it? Once you do, the only probable regret you’ll have is that Jean isn’t willing to share her hammock with you so you’ll have to settle elsewhere. With this cosplay however, you don’t have to go anywhere, just sit back and relax and scroll through this Azur Lane Jean Bart cosplayer’s photoset where she shows off her amazing form and a close up on the details of her costume that shows nothing but accuracy to its source material.

Cosplayer: 秋和柯基


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