This Little Kitty Belongs To You Now


“If it weren’t for you, I’d never have materialized in this incredible world, never made so many adorable friends, and worst of all, I never would have gotten to experience being in love with you, Owner! You’re just perfect, y’know that~? Cuddly wuddly~ I love you so, so much~♡” – Cheshire

If you haven’t yet caught up with the ship-girl phenomenon that is Azur Lane, then maybe it’s time you get with the program because from here on out, I’ll be sharing more cosplays from this franchise. Apart from the cosplays are really detailed and well thought out, the characters themselves are quite cute. Just like the Cheshire who Hoshilily has decided to add to the growing list of Azur Lane characters and skins that she has cosplayed. I have a feeling she won’t be running out of options too quickly. This cosplay is of Cheshire’s default costume(maid outfit) and her Summer Date (swimwear) costume.


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