Have You Forgotten About Sonico Already?


It’s truly been a while since I saw a cosplay of Super Sonico. There was a time when this Nitroplus mascot was literally everywhere from promotional events, games, music events, and she even had her own manga and then an anime made to boot. But like so many franchises before her, she started fading out of the limelight even when she is still considered “active”. That being said, I’m glad that cosplayers like Hidori Rose still took the chance to bring back to life the clutzy, well-endowed, adorably sexy Sonico through cosplay.

Hidori Rose is a popular erocosplayer whose cosplay niche ranges from comic book characters, to video game characters, cartoons, and anime. To follow more of her work (be warned it’s 18+) check out the following social media accounts:


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