Bungou Stray Dogs Season 1 Episode 6 Recap


I’m really curious what’s in the book that Kunikida always keep that says “Ideal”. He always write down or read something from that book. Bungou Stray Dogs Season 1 Episode 6 is about Kunikida. He wants things to go as what he calculated, like being on schedule and doing what he listed on his “To-do” list. It is also unbelievable that he had already written when and who he will marry! This guy’s insane! I mean, how is he so sure what would actually happen?

They investigated the informant if what he told the Agency is true about the abductions. The informant’s name is Taguchi Rokuzou, a cyber criminal/hacker. Kunikida called a taxi to the old hospital to investigate the abductions (the driver is also one of their informants) and the hospital looks very creepy. Although Kunikida seemed a little scared of ghosts, it did not stop him from saving a woman they heard from the basement, Sasaki Nobuko, a lecturer in a university in Tokyo. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to save the other victims because the victims were sprayed by a lethal gas, which was meant to frame up the detectives and look like the Agency’s raid caused their deaths.

I had two suspects in this episode. The first suspect is the cab driver because, based on the pictures, he looked like the suspect but only wears eyeglasses. The second suspect is the lady they saved. I’m getting a hang of this detective series and it’s best to watch all the episode on season 1 before jumping to season 2!


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