There’s A New Girl In Class


Well now, here’s a unique look for Overlord’s Albedo. We’ve seen her seductively with less cloth on in the anime but a uniform-clad, love-sick, school girl? This is interesting! Kudos to cosplayer, Asano Kinoko and photographer, Lizetian, for coming up with this idea of showing us Albedo with a different look.

The anime, Overlord, takes place inside a Dive Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game called Yggdrasil. The setting is somewhat medieval and it is a fixed understanding that not much anything from the real modern world in this place.

However, in cosplay, there is no set rule (unless you’re joining a competition) on how cosplayer chooses to portray the character. Others might have their own opinions, but the fact that the cosplayer is free to choose how he/she will interpret the characters and wear them is what’s supposed to fun about cosplay. So let’s be mature people and drop the elitist “that is not accurate” claim for a while and appreciate what others have placed effort on. It won’t kill you to do so.


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