Shiota Nagisa Cosplay by Andivi


One of the best animes that teaches us real life lessons would be Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (Assassination Classroom). It’s the perfect anime for those who wish to aspire more in life but lack the will to do so. Despite the unconventional teaching methods shown in the series — like learning while trying to assassinate their teacher before the end of the school year — it shows an idyllic world for students who wish to be nurtured in a way that helps them achieve their goals rather than fitting in the standards of the society.

Here’s one of the main characters from this life changing series, Shiota Nagisa, cosplayed by Andivi. He’s one of the characters you’ll probably be rooting for most of the time. Despite this little guy’s form and built, you’ll be so surprised of what he can do, most especially when it comes to assassination.

These creative photos were taken by Miharu Nkamura.


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