Tachibana Remika is Ready to Serve You


Though most people regard them as the lowest people in our society, in anime, maids are seen to be one of the best sources of comic relief. Sometimes, they provide great fanservice too! Motoka from Yosuga No Sora, for example.

Yosuga no Sora is a story of friendship, family, and romance. It revolves around the life of Haruka Kasugano and the girls of his life, including his twin sister Sora. Motoka plays a very significant part in the series, adding great comic relief, great fanservice, and romance as she fantasizes about Haruka. She is usually seen at the end of the series having funny but mostly romantic moments with Haruka.

Here’s Tachibana Remika‘s adorable and oh so hot Motoka cosplay. This Japanese cosplayer will definitely stop at nothing to provide the best fanservice to her followers and everyone who loves her craft!


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