Gym With Sora Kasugano


Twisted, sexy, sick, interesting – these are some of the words used to describe Yosuga no Sora by those who’ve watched it. Despite the weirded out comments by those who’ve watched it and stuck with it ‘til the end, I can’t help but think the show must be doing something right if it’s gaining this much attention from the cosplay community.

There seem to be plenty of Yosuga no Sora cosplays floating around, take for example this Sora Kasugano cosplay by Lin Zi Jiang from Guangzhou City. Lin Zi Jiang is a fan of fandoms such as the Fate/Stay series, Touhou Project, Love Live and No game No Life. Apparently Yosuga no Sora has caught her attention too.

Yosuga no Sora is about orphaned twins who end up living with their grandparents after the tragic accident that took their parents’ lives. They deal with the everyday challenges of being haunted by their past and at the same time trying to live their new lives in the countryside.


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