Tachibana Remika is Super Sonico!


As mysterious as they look, these anime girls will never be the same without their fancy headphones. Sometimes it’s not just a tech accessory but a fashion statement that makes them look cool in every way just like Super Sonico from the hit video games SoniPro, Motto! SoniComi, and SoniComi.

She first appeared as a mascot at “Nitro Super Sonico” for Nitroplus’ annual music event. However, her signature look was admired by many which later gained many positive reviews and followers. Since then, many adaptations were made for Super Sonico’s character, including manga and anime adaptations.

Here’s a hot Super Sonico Cosplay from Japanese cosplayer Tachibana Remika that will surely make your heart beat faster. These creative photos will prove you that girls who wear headphones totally rock!


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