Xmas in July with those_darn_frigs


It has been ages since I spotted ethereally beautiful Mechamesume online and it looks like she is streaming under the name those_darn_frigs. She is looking as animetastic as ever with her black fishnet and cyborg blue hair and red eyes and big lashes and sweet pink lips. Where her pink lip gloss is; get your minds out of the gutter. She is doing an Xmas in July event this month where there is snow and a hilarious dancing elf when we tip, which is kind of fantastic. I’ve always loved the way she does the colorful lighting in her broadcasts and the way it complements her unique fashion style. Someone just asked what she would call her style and her witty suggestion is dyslexic. Now, during covid, it is free to set up a profile to meet up with everyone in her room. The current topic is whether you would want hands the size of a butthole or a butthole the size of hands. I have so many questions I’d need answered before I could answer that question. Okay, maybe you can have your mind a little teeny bit in the gutter.

Those_darn_frigs’s Bio
Real Name:Mecha Musume
I am:Female
Interested In:Women
Last Broadcast:1 day ago
Body Type:dope
Smoke / Drink:no
Body Decorations:pierced nips + battle scars


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