NataliaGrey Kittens Rule Cosplay


It has been too long since I checked in on what some of my favorite streamers are up to. NataliaGrey is rocking some adorable kitty ears in pink and black atop her white hair, juxtaposed with her black black lips. I’m not sure if this look is an anime-inspired style thing or a cosplay where Talia has already removed most of her costume. Or perhaps her pet cats commanded this kitty cat ears look as obeisance to their royal authority. She says they are sleeping on a stack of her cosplay clothing right now, but they are the rightful rulers of all they survey. Anyway, Talia looks fabulous tonight and she is whispering the most scandalously delightful tales of ecstasy as she gears up for the main event of her show tonight. It is free to set up a profile right now, during the coronavirus epidemic, so you can catch this highlight of her show. As an example of how fun the conversation in her room is, a member with the fabulous Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe-inspired nick SFZaphod just asked, “is it strange that I am getting seductive Shadow Queen of Thousand Year Door vibes?” I don’t think it is strange at all.


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