Shimakaze Getting Playful At The Beach


“Hot hot hot. I want to play in the water!” said the Hong Kong Cosplayer, Siu Tao. Well if it’s summer, it’s time to head for the beach. Siu Tao apparently thought the same when she shared her cosplay of Kancolle’s speedy girl, Shimakaze. What a perfect location to do a little cosplay and recreation under the warm summer sun!

However, Siu Tao mentioned that this photo was taken a while back and because PokemonGo was recently released in Hong Kong, gone are the thoughts of going to the beach because now catching Pokemon has become her recent obsession – playing it during lunch break and while walking home. It’s okay, Siu Tao! We totally understand. Nevertheless, thank you for sharing your cosplay to the world.

Shimakaze is a character from the popular browser game turned anime called Kantai Collection or Kancolle for short. It is about girls who were born with the spirit of historic naval warships and they fight in the oceans against the threat – the “abyssal fleet”, to keep everyone on the land safe.


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