Rachel Summers-Grey by Shiera13 Cosplay


Here comes one great Cosplay, rarely seen.

Say hello to one and only Rachel Summers-Grey from the X-Men comics revived by the beautiful Shiera13 Cosplay.

Ok, I must say that I always preferred Rachel over Jean so this is one more reason why I am so in love with this Cosplay.

It is really nicely done and I am glad to see such an original choice.

Thumbs up for Shiera13, you did it perfect.

Someone asks this girl, why did he choose this version, this character and what’s the story behind that simple choice…

Shiera13 said that Rachel is one of her favorite characters from the X-Men and that this costume is one of her favorites.

If you want to see more work from this talented girl, visit her Instagram and Tumblr.

Photos were taken by Sheoguard.


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