Kiryuin Satsuki Genderbend Cosplay by Knitemaya

For most males, cosplaying female characters would be really challenging for so many reasons. It could be the make up, facial structure, but most of the time, the body. But for this very talented Greek cosplayer, Knitemaya, gender is never an issue most especially because he got this perfect physique that can easily fit into women’s clothes.

Here’s Knitemaya’s amazing elaborate Kiryuin Satsuki Genderbend Cosplay which is really identical to the anime character Satsuki from Kill la Kill. Looking at the photos, you’ll see that he really paid great attention to the details. He looks so stunning in this cosplay you could even mistook him for a girl! However, the complete Jenketsu uniform of Satsuki might still be in progress since he haven’t posted a photo with the shoes on yet.

Kill la Kill: Kiryuin Satsuki

Kill la Kill: Kiryuin Satsuki

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