Bertolt Hoover and Jean Kirstein Cosplay by Knitemaya

For it’s unique narrative, I’d say Attack on Titan would probably be one of the best apocalyptic themed animes of the decade. It may be too gore than your usual anime but too much bloodshed isn’t a bad thing most especially if you got these charming heroes to save the day!

Here’s Bertolt Hoover and Jean Kirstein Cosplay by Knitemaya. They may not be the main characters in this promising series but they sure make the whole series as perfect as it is. These are the official English translation of Bertholdt and Jean’s name by Kodansha.

This cosplay shoot was actually Knitemaya’s first time to work with a horse and it was a really challenging yet great experience for him. Even though the horse kept running away from him, he still did his best and never failed to deliver great shots.

These amazing pictures were taken by rbtvillains.

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