Game of Thrones – Episode 4-the Goodbyes


GoT S804 Oh boy, more like it! Title? We don’t need no stinking titles!

In reflection of last week’s episode, I wondered two things:
1) I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t see a darn thing for most of the episode (thank you for confirming, Howard Stern).
2) Did the Night King give Sam a Christmas card for all of the people Sam got killed? It’s like that boy was working for the otherside with his shenanigans.

I can’t help but wonder if the Night King walking dead angle is truly done. I mean the entire darn show was about it from Season 1 Episode 1 till last week and to tie that angle up permanently by E3 would be like ignoring a major character in the book just because…oh wait…

This episode reminds me of 13 Warriors with the long shot of the defeated warrior (would be) king. Danny says goodbye to good ol’ Ser and Sansa says goodbye to Theon. We see the aftermath of the battle and it is stunning. I sure wish I could have seen the battle. Holy (three eyed) crow, Ghost looks like he’s seen some stuff. I mean, I never thought a hound (not that hound) could look haunted but dang man.

Oh, look, Tarth and Lannisters are still alive. Good to know. I say this because I had no fricken clue from last week if they were still alive. In fact, my TV shut itself off with a Sleep timer during the episode and it took me 15 minutes to notice the difference.

I’m so glad I didn’t just have my own father who died of combat/service connected injuries (multi branch military with extended tour in Vietnam, two turned down Purple Hearts, one Combat V Bronze) cremated or this episode would really be kicking my nuts in right now. Must be the pollen…

The dead are dead and you’re not—The Hound.

Danny calls the bastard out to give him a title? That’s like giving a platypus an overcoat. Sure, it makes you feel better and he sure does look warm in it, but, when the chips are down, it’s still just a platypus (I realized post-edit that this seemed like a Norm MacDonald joke about an Octopus picking the Kentucky Derby; I’d say ‘great minds think alike’ but it’s most likely our very expensive morphine habits that led to the jokes).

So what does this MacGuffin errmmm…Bran have left to do? He sorta outlived his purpose, right?

Everyone is having a good time, so that must mean someone is going to get slaughtered soon. I have to say I love this drinking game that Brienne has found herself in. It is a good throw back to the earlier (dare I say ‘Happier’) seasons.

Can Varys disarm Danny’s jealousy before it burns down? I hear that Jon ends up killing…

‘You’re a virgin’
‘I have to pish’

Ginger talks to the Hound for love advice. Oh man, someone really did poo in his pants. Sansa is going to play her own game of thrones and get the Hound on her side. She owns her past and thanks him for her future. I don’t think this impresses the Hound more than it saddens him. Most people think the Hound is a brute..nay, I say! The Hound is a sensitive man. He isn’t impressed by the songbird growing up. He would rather have her as she was—not tainted by the world—a world she thinks she can control because she won a few early victories over her enemies but the Hound has seen that before. The Hound has seen Cersei do the same thing growing up. Sansa, once a person who looked up to Cersei and the courtly ways but was turned off by the cruelty aspect of it seems to have forgotten that the cruelty is what made Cersei look strong, but the Hound knows true strength lies in knowing when not to be cruel and when to light the damn fight scenes so we can see them! Errmm…wait…what? No. I meant, the Hound knows true strength comes when you have a choice of showing power and backing off–and choosing backing off regardless of how it looks. For all the characters in here, the Hound has the most restraint.

I love you—be with me. We’ll go to Vegas and have wild monkey sex poolside at the Flamingo-– Every guy ever
Here’s your heart; your testicles are on the table – Arya

Part of me wants to see Brienne ‘lose it’ to Jaime. The other part of me wants to see Phasma’s helmet come on when they get freaky. BeepBeep Do Beep, no you, too, R2!

‘I’ve never slept with a Knight before…’
‘I never slept with any..What’s that?!’
‘Oh you mean my new hand? I got it from Mr Hankey

Cut to Jon and Danny. ‘Hey, you’re sorta my aunt. Wanna bone?’
Wait—if they hook up, wouldn’t they be King and Queen anyway? So, sorta lost on why this matters much. Oh noes…now you are the queen first and now I am the king by title.

‘We can, I just told you how’ – Danny
‘I think you are missing your bipperty-bopperty hat…’ – Jon

Oh, God, I could do better than that. Varys and company looks over the map and Tyrion has to remind Danny that killing everyone in King’s Landing doesn’t quite make her popular.

We’re family—the four of us—the last of the Starks
I’ve never been a Stark
You are…
It’s your choice—tell your family or keep f’ing your aunt

Bronn! Okay, so here is the moment of truth with the crossbow. This episode has many reunions and this one I was looking forward to for a long time. I can see him Lord of many things. I want to know how he plays into this game a bit more. I mean, given the one-set banning in certain scenes, it is difficult to see if Bronn comes back to stab Cersei for good (Jaime still does in my view) or how he fits in. I think his character arc ends up as a hero.

Two dragons live. That’s good to see. I mean, really, ‘see’ is the operative word here. I haven’t Seen a dragon in an episode or two. I sure wish they were used in the battle (Oh, sorry, the internet said they were used but my tv was ‘too dark’ to make anything out along with most of America).

Say it, Sansa! Say it! Jon is not a Stark because he’s a TAR…
Uh-oh. Snap a lap. That took all of 2 beats to have Sansa break a vow. Indeed, she’s learnt a lot from Cersei.

A lot of goodbyes here. We started the episode with them and we are ending it with them. Will we see Sam and the Ginger again? Will they truly be free of the Game of Thrones curse (aka dying every other episode?) will the producers remember they have a pirate budget and do something with the ships?

Anyone else notice that Tyrion looks a bit like Luke Skywalker during close ups? I could picture the yak milk running out of his mouth, can’t you? I knew you could. Pervert.

Yup. You knew that was coming right? One dragon left. We hardly knew ye..umm…Jon’s dragon? Everyone was doomed the minute Grey Worm smiled. Too happy = too dead here. Not for nothing, did Danny’s army ever learn how to scout anything out—ever? Isn’t this the 3rd? time something like this happened?

Varys dies but will Tyrion kill him? We each have a choice to make and I think Tyrion will have Varys’s life in his hands or maybe Varys gets caught out and that is the final straw for Tyrion. Will he choose Jon over Danny? His idea of join rule is something we’ve all thought of.

Brienne and Jaime say their goodbyes. I am sure that he ends up killing Cersei. Speaking of killing, looks like an execution is in store instead of terms for surrender. I think Tyrion is taking this Luke thing too far. He isn’t doing a Jedi projection and those arrows will definitely leave a mark.

Does she push the girl over the edge herself? Does he give himself up in her place? Does he play the fake child card? Yep. Fake child card. Is it a fake child? Is it real? Is it anyone she said it was?

Buh-bye! Hope you can fly! Last words? Hug the queen and jump! Boom! Make the death mean something.

Who kills the Mountain? I still say Hound but Worm might have a bit of an edge on this one. A better question is—does anyone kill the Mountain? Does Cersei lose? We are all taking this from a point of view that ‘good’ wins in the end. Guess what, buckaroo, good doesn’t even exist. Not in this game—not in life either. The ‘good’ here is what? A queen who killed countless of defenseless people with a dragon or the queen who killed countless of defenseless people without one? Jon is good? Does sleeping with your own aunt make you good? ‘Cuz, if so Jon is a saint.

The point here is, we like characters and we like certain story lines but I don’t think many of us give a rats about who sits on the Iron Throne. Hell, not even the show runners do or GRRM—case in point, the last second add in of a Greyjoy nobody gives a rats about except they needed to kill a few dragons to even the score and, apparently, space herpes doesn’t exist in this realm.

Predictions for next week:
Jon marches somewhere and is blindsided by something and like wins or something.
Brienne goes after Jaime after Lady Stonehear…*sigh*
Varys dies


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