Head-Turning DMC Nico Cosplay

If you’re a gamer I’m sure you’ve heard about the game called DmC or Devil May Cry, a story-based game brimming with a lot of action and engaging gameplay. In March 2019, Capcom revealed Devil May Cry 5, its new installment in the series. This game release fueled the countless number of cosplays of DmC characters from previous and current games.

Nico or Nicoletta Goldstein is one of the supporting characters in the game. She is an expert craftswoman whose outfit usually consists of a dark-yellow sleeveless jacket over a white tank top and she wears a brown worker belt with her blue denim shorts. This Nico cosplay seems to have meticulously made a replica of that look down to the tattoos on her body. With this accuracy and attention to detail, it’s not that difficult to figure out why this cosplay photos have garnered a lot of attention and praise from DmC fans and non-DmC fans.

Cosplayer: 是奥利奥利奥
Photo by: 摄影师Regent_小马锅

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