Head-Turning A.I. Kizuna Cosplay


If you’re not familiar with this cosplay, you’re missing out on what Youtube has to offer. This cosplay is of the famous Japanese Youtuber, A.I. Kizuna or “Ai” for short. These days people can find just about anything on Youtube and vloggers are more than happy to provide content and discuss topics about anything under the sun in exchange for a like and subscribe that will catapult them into fame. One Youtuber in particular is famous not mostly because of the topics she discusses but by the mere fact that she is not a real person. That youtuber is A.I. Kizuna. With over 2.6 million subscribers to her channel, her success is pretty clear. Tenshi Miyu’s cosplay is among countless other homages that serves as proof of this character’s fame.


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