Lustrous K/DA Kaisa Cosplay


According to game lore, K/DA rose to popularity because of their unconventional approach and otherworldly studio décor. I think this is what makes this cosplay entrancing as well. This cosplay by Enakii is of League of Legend’s Kaisa in K/DA skin.

If you’re not familiar with League of Legends and similar games, this may be a lot to take in. As time goes by, these games offer different “skins” (costumes) for their different characters. These skins can range from classical, to modern, and even magical. All of these come with backstories too! This time, League of Legends has come up with K/DA. It is a collection of skins which is highly influenced by the pop music industry. They even went as far as releasing music videos along with it to help sell the skins for the game.

Photo by: 御侍Yvzon


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