PureTaboo’s Future Darkly: The Love Hotel


Pure Taboo is back with their Future Darkly series with The Love Hotel. For those who don’t know about PT or FD–imagine porn had a one-night stand orgy with killer writers, actors, and set design–then add in some really key cut editing and that love child 9.5 months later would be Future Darkly. I’m a horror buff and I am fascinated with this series. The idea of a robot sex doll isn’t knew–not even the idea of a killer one (much to the dismay of some poor tourists)–but the way Future Darkly brings this to life is fresh and imaginative. Usually, we see things from the client’s point of view but this time we follow the robot and that extra dimension can show a direct parallel to both the human race’s inching towards a Skynet moment and a current critique of the sex trade. After all, much like the Joker, aren’t we all just one moment–one bad day–away from this?

There are a lot of great scenes as this breaks down into a slice of life of sorts. Saving the best for last, with the twist and the trick, comes into play here. If you ever wanted to know what the future–darkly or not–holds in store for us then click on. The scenes with Penny and Emily are worth the price of admission itself.

…back to the mirror and stares at herself for a moment, emotionless. She presses the tips of her fingers against the glass and the smart screen wakes up. It explains that her next guest is also a returning client: Richard Roe, 30 years old, space tourism guide, 5’10” tall, 170 lbs, auburn hair, blue eyes. Kinks include rough sex, breath play, collaring, fisting, and golden showers. Note from management: client is limited to rough sex after last session resulted in damages. Accept client? ‘Accepted,’she says. As the smart screen processes the order and a confirmation appears, she stares at herself blankly and the door buzzes.


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