Confident Natsumi Cosplay From Date A Live


Walking through convention premises, if I happen to see a cosplay as radiant as this, I wouldn’t hesitate to do what the people in the background are doing. I would stop, look, and take a photo to immortalize this cosplay forever. Itsuki Akira’s spirited cosplay obviously caught the attention of a lot of convention goers and it’s obvious why. She simply is confident and comfortable in what she is wearing and that, in my opinion, is what made her stand out.

This jade-eyed jade-haired foxy cosplay is of Natsumi from the anime called Date A Live. This is your typical harem anime that’s never without fanservice and comedic tropes. The protagonist has to date each of the invading entities, who happen to be pretty ladies, in order to defeat them. You get how this goes with this type of anime. Nevertheless, it is entertaining and intriguing to a degree.

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