Heroic Spirit Anastasia Cosplay


The Fate/Stay series is known for making anime characters out of worldly famous historical figures. We’ve seen the likes of Alexander the Great and even Arthur Pendragon turned into what they call “servants” or “heroic spirits” that magically-abled folk are able to summon to fight for them. Most of the spirits like the latter mentioned are drawn to be female characters, why? Fan service. Enough said.

It’s no surprise at all that they’d be making a heroic spirit out of Russia’s most talked about princess, Anastasia Nakolaevna Romanova. But as the previous spirits, it’s only in name and some of the background. Not appearance. Here’s a cosplay of the heroic spirit by Chinese cosplayer Akisoso (stage name).

Cosplayer: Akisoso秋楚楚
Photo by: 丧病喵_花落嘀嘀滴


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