Enako Is Japan’s Number One Cosplayer


What happens when Japan’s dubbed number 1 cosplayer, Enako, makes an appearance at an event? A stampede of thousands of fans flocking towards wherever Enako has positioned herself ready to be photographed. Ah, but this is Japan. It’s most certainly an orderly and well-organized stampede.

Enako is currently Japan’s most popular cosplayer. From her cosplay alone, she earns more than 1 million yen a month, that’s about US$ 9,459 per month. In big events like Comiket (Comic Market) where she can put up a stall and sell her merchandise which consists of her cosplay photo albums and photo booklets among other things, she admits to earning around 10 million yen in just one day.

So, what does it look like when she makes an appearance at a convention?



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