Enako Makes An Appearance At Comiket 97


Of course, what Japanese comic convention is complete without being blessed by the presence of Japan’s dubbed number one cosplayer, Enako? She has become so popular that she lures in a huge number of photographers creating a huge ring around her that people have started calling “The Enako Ring”. Each time it’s a phenomenal sight to see and each year the ring only seems to get bigger.

Enako is one of those cosplayers who need no introduction and if you don’t know who she is, a quick google of her name will tell you just how much of a big deal she is in Japan.

Here she is again in the middle of an astounding photographer ring as she poses in her Sword Art Online II cosplay.

Photographers were running to find their spot in the “Enako ring” to make sure they get the best angle and photos.



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