ZillyKitty’s Pikachu Is The One To Catch


Pika pika pi! It is time to go and see the cutest Pikachu inspired show for today and take a look at ZillyKitty’s show! She seems fairly intent on catching them all as her couch has a fantastic display of a few pokémon – Ash would be proud. Upon closer inspection, it seems that this bubbly cutie has a fairly summer inspired outfit of the beloved chubby and incredibly adorable mouse-like mascot by wearing a top of his precious face.

The Snorlax on her sofa may be sound asleep, but we can’t look away from her! If you wanted to relive all your favorite childhood memorabilia with this fantastic babe, this is the show for you. Come and take a pika for yourself over at ZillyKitty’s room!

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