Pika-Boo, It’s BabyZelda’s Pikachu

Guess which wild Pokémon has appeared to say hello? It’s of course Pikachu! The adorable, yellow face of the Pokémon franchise is being brought to life by the master of costumes herself, BabyZelda. Pikachu‘s bright, yellow color is as bright and sunny as this cosplay cutie’s personality. She is perfectly willing to discuss all your favorite Pokemon characters as she dances around in her room, looking as cute as she can. The two big Pikachu ears on top of her head are doing a great job of bringing the character’s most recognizable features out, while the yellow (and somewhat see-through) dress and striped arm-bands complete one gorgeous look any fan of the franchise should take a pika at!

Pika-Pikachu! Time to increase your collection of Pokémon with one more creature as you visit BabyZelda in her room and catch her in action.

Pika-Boo, It's BabyZelda's Pikachu

Pika-Boo, It's BabyZelda's Pikachu

Pika-Boo, It's BabyZelda's Pikachu

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