Destruction and Chaos in a girl


“My guardian deity is the planet of silence. The soldier of death and rebirth, Sailor Saturn!” Our character IS Sailor Saturn but we’ll be discussing more of her “human” side. Hotaru Tomoe is the civilian identity of Sailor Saturn and the present-day reincarnation of Princess Saturn. When she is first introduced, she was possessed by Mistress 9 and later adopted by Michiru Kaiou, Haruka Tenou, and Setsuna Meiou following Mistress 9’s defeat. This is the original depiction of the character created by Naoko Takeuchi.

Fragile, Innocent, Petite, Delicate, Feeble, Frail say it all and all. Force your opinion that this girl can do no harm. But I tell you that this character has the power to kill and has the willingness to do it. You can also see on the cosplay itself that even though that the model and cosplay has this very weak and delicate vibe you can’t shake of the feeling of this contradicting feeling of danger and death which is a really good factor. Showing two opposite side of a character in a single shoot.

Our young racking goddess with the boobs to flaunt for, who also brought us this wonderful and sexy near anime character experience is none other than MonicaWos or real name, Mau Monica. Monica is a young, lively and fun girl who really shows this fun side of female anime characters. Like the actual female characters in animes! Well, she started cosplaying back in 2010 which means she’s been cosplaying now for about 5 years. Besides giving this fun ambiance, she also has a lot of skills to be sexy since she has the body to show for it! I’m just really surprised that almost all the beautiful female cosplayers I know came from Vietnam, those chicks really has the best DNA in the world. Anyway let’s support MonicaWos by following her on Facebook, Deviantart and Twitter.


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