Ikkitousen Shimei


It’s another throwback! Who would forget?! And I really mean who would forget the anime Ikkitousen specially for those guys on the 20s or 30s this is one of the very first anime which provides the right amount or even more than amount of sexiness or ECCHINESS. Our character for today is Shimei Ryomou, she is shown to be a sadistic person, enjoying ripping her own teammates arms until they are broken. She specializes in submission techniques: moves, throws, and joint attacks which she often uses with a pair of handcuffs she carries.However, it is revealed later on that Ryomou had a softer side, until her friend Teifu was left blind and in a wheelchair. After befriending Hakufu Sonsaku, she (while still serious) managed to loosen up slightly.

Everybody love maids, specially when Japan’s culture is almost made out of maids. Maid cafe, maid hotels and every other thing which main can be incorporated with. And Ikkitousen wasn’t an exception on having a maid. And not just any ordinary maids who serves cute neko latte’s but a fighting one also. But this cosplay today brings us a veryyyyy VERRRYY different kind of maid, one who is always been fantasizing about or seen on every teenage boy’s dream. A maid in bed.

Our young racking goddess with the boobs to flaunt for, who also brought us this wonderful and sexy near anime character experience is none other than MonicaWos or real name, Mau Monica. Monica is a young, lively and fun girl who really shows this fun side of female anime characters. Like the actual female characters in animes! Well, she started cosplaying back in 2010 which means she’s been cosplaying now for about 5 years. Besides giving this fun ambiance, she also has a lot of skills to be sexy since she has the body to show for it! I’m just really surprised that almost all the beautiful female cosplayers I know came from Vietnam, those chicks really has the best DNA in the world. Anyway let’s support MonicaWos by following her on Facebook, Deviantart and Twitter.


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