Who’s That Girl?

I’ve been lingering to several sites lately and I found a very wonderful cosplayer with a face of an angel; however, I am unable to find her social media account. I only have very few information about this cosplayer and maybe she wants to remain mysterious.

Her cosplayer name is KikoLondon and she is based in Russia. I found one post with her picture and was named Christine but after that, there’s no other information. I was able to track down her deviantart account though but it does not have any solid information regarding her unlike the other cosplayers I’ve met and seen so far.

One of her cosplays that I loved so much is Princess Odette of Swan Princess. Lately, lots of Disney princess movies have been turned into live action movies and I’ve been waiting for this one. If you ask me, KikoLondon would be the best for this role. Maybe she should try out if there is one. Who knows if she could act? All I can say is, this person really has a face of an angel and princess. Of all the Princess Odette cosplays that I’ve seen, this is the best one ever! She’s even better than that of the Disney character!

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