Carleigh Skrammy is Darth Snow!


The dark side of the force is too strong and now it has taken over our beloved Disney princess Snow White! From being the fairest and kindest princess into being the power hungry Darth Snow!

This costume was designed and created by Saradorn92 for Carleigh Skrammy‘s Darth Snow White cosplay to celebrate the release of the Star Wars VII movie and the great force that unites all star wars fans in this world-wide event. The sword, on the other hand, was forged and given by her friend and co-cosplayer Blair. In this cosplay, she also used the poisoned apple given by Blair during their punk Disney princess cosplay at Downtown Disney and WonderCon.

These amazing photographs were taken by Themed Shots, Alvin Johnson, Oscar Arcena, and Manny Llanura.


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