Yang Xiao Long, by JediManda


You’re looking at a stunning cosplay of Yang Xiao Long, one of four members of Team RWBY in the American anime show RWBY.

Yang Xiao Long is cosplayed by the extremely talented Amanda Haas. Amanda is well-known for making her own costumes, many of which reflect her interest in mermaids, foxes, Star Wars, and Game of Thrones.

The attention to detail in this cosplay is remarkable. Amanda radiates the same confidence and straightforward demeanor as the anime’s character. Her cheerful, energetic face, cel-shaded gauntlet-shotguns, and brightly colored accessories perfectly match the appearance of Yang Xiao Long in the anime. The jacket, skirt, and gauntlets were all made by hand at Amanda’s workshop. From the single, pulled-up sock to the aviators barely covering her purple eyes, it’s the attention to detail that makes this cosplay stand out. All she needs is a creature of Grimm to beat up!

The Yang Xiao Long look is one of Amanda’s favorite, and she says that the character matches her own personality traits. She wore it throughout the second half of 2015, at ReplayFx, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Fandom Fest in Amanda’s hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, and Dragon Con in Atlanta, Georgia.

The quality of the photography and fiery post-processing by Alexandra Brumley is remarkable. The photo shoot happened outside the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville during FandomFest, a location that is well-suited to the temper and fighting abilities of Yang Xiao Long. More of Alexandra’s work can be found on the Alexandra Lee Studios website.

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You can watch RWBY at the official Rooster Teeth website, or find more information on official Japanese site and unofficial RWBY wiki

Yang Xiao Long by JediManda

Yang Xiao Long by JediManda

Yang Xiao Long

Yang Xiao Long


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