Yang Xiao Long by Melody Rose Cosplay


Agustina from Argentina, aka Melody Rose Cosplay, this time found her role in the sexy teen character Yang Xiao Long from the great anime web series RWBY. And she really looks sexy and gorgeous!

If you take a look on her costume, you will notice that she truly did a great work! All the details are there – from an orange infinity scarf around her neck to brown, knee-high platform boots that appear to be made of leather, with orange socks of different lengths. Even her left leg also has a gray, bandanna-like object wrapped around the top of her boot, that is similar to the original appearance of the Yang Xiao Long.

“Cosplay is all made by me.” We believe you, dear!

And that long blonde hair… You will dream Melody Rose as Yang Xiao Long tonight, no doubts!

Melody Rose Cosplay is very active on Devian Art and Facebook, but we noticed that her Twitter account should be more active. So go there, follow her and support this sexy girl from Argentina!

Photos of Yang Xiao Long were taken by Ankou Photography.


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