Jetspectacular and Aerial’s Eponine and Marius Les Miserables cosplay


Les Miserables is a wonderful book that was made into a wonderful musical. Many factors got lost in translation to the stage, but one thing that the musical has that the book doesn’t is an affectionate friendship between gamine Eponine and student revolutionist Marius. Unrequited love doesn’t put a damper on their banter, which gives each character a little more depth with Eponine powering through the pain of one-sided love and Marius defying societal pressure by befriending a beggar. Eponine’s costume in this cosplay is wonderfully thrifty, with Jetspectacular making use of clothes from a thrift store and her parents. She even pulled a Gone With The Wind and fashioned the cap and jacket from curtains! Here she poses with Aerial at Riverside Dicken’s Fest 2013. In addition, she wore it at FanimeCon 2013.


Construction Details:
Vintage pants from my Dad’s closet, shirt an old thrift store find that I dunked in coffee and tea, the cotton scarf was dyed green and distressed~ cap and jacket were made from upholstery curtains 😀
Personal Thoughts:
Fan of Eponine since I was a little girl because Lea Salonga and I don’t need any other reason IN MY LIFE. It was a real treat to cosplay with Aerial who is beautiful singer and way bigger fan of Les Mis than I was but I probably would cosplay Eponine ON MY OWN if I had to! Debuted with Aerial and Strike at Riverside Dicken’s Fest 2013


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