Funny Thenardiers Cosplay by heavensong and tsukikoneko


That hate-that-you-love-them hilarious couple of Thenardiers are full of off-color energy in the musical and movie. This energy is well captured in heavensong and tsukikoneko’s cosplay, which was featured at MegaCon 2013. Loud, clashing costumes bring the couple’s tone-deaf pomposity to the forefront, with this picture showing Madame Thenardier’s distaste for her husband that she sings about in “Master of the House.” The costumes are whimsical without being too ridiculous. They are also fairly accurate, with tsukikoneko’s rectangular-patterned skirt mirroring Helena Bonham Carter’s costume from the movie and dreamsong’s green military jacket with epaulettes (from Monsieur Thenardier’s army days) mimicking Sascha Baron Cohen’s. More importantly, these two cosplayers adeptly bring the spirit of the characters to the camera.


Megacon 2013
Still waiting for a few more shots to come out but asjdhadfjk I couldn’t wait anymore cuz they just came out really nice so YEAH POSTING THEM NOW WHOOHOO


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