What A Sexy Weapon

Here’s a three year old that doesn’t look like one. Dizzy is a Guilty Gear character who’s still quite young and innocent but since body contains Gear cells, her body matures pretty fast. The cells also make her into a human weapon. Cosplayer, Misa Chiang’s portrayal of her shows quite a baby-faced Dizzy with a mature body. I guess it works! Misa has been known to cosplay a lot of characters from gaming titles like League of Legends, Touken Ranbu and Star Craft 2.

Misa is a gamer at heart. According to her Dizzy is one of her favorite characters in Guilty Gear XX. She thinks, “Dizzy is really pretty and sexy forever.” But for her main character she has declared it to be Bridget, whose costumes she already has and plans to wear soon.

The Guilty Gear franchise has been alive for more than ten years now and up to date they have put out quite a number of Guilty Gear games in the markets. Originally a playstation game, over the years it has expanded to other platforms like NDS, PSP, XBOX etc. so if you’re interested try to see if your console has the game.

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