Aerial’s Cosette Les Miserables Cosplay


Cosette is one of those classic unfortunates who cleans up nicely (even though she did have nine years in the musical to do so). Cosette’s most notable trait is her caring, but she also gets some cool costumes since her guardian is well off at that point. Aerial’s cosplay features one such costume with downright awe-inspiring puffed sleeves, just enough lace, and a nice beige color. The background, although clearly a public park, looks enough like a garden Jean Valjean would own that the viewer is able to suspend disbelief. And the prop letter is a good detail–it could be a correspondence from Marius.


Personal Thoughts:
I love Les Miz so much. I was so happy to make and wear this!! Also I was really happy that I got to re-use the corset and petticoats I made for my Turn-A Gundam cosplay =)


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