Gadriella is magnificent once again for Bare Maidens


I’ve seen Gadriella’s work before with Bare Maidens and she never disappoints. This time she has a bit more than the drape and a small sword. I really like how this shoot came out and it isn’t just because of the sword posing, which Gadriella does rather well. Gadriella looks like she could have walked straight out from the Dragonlance series. There’s this toughness about her that suggest the sword isn’t the only weapon in her possession.

When she has the sword in the ground, Gadriella is at her most dangerous. Her ability to move and pose her body is simply stunning. Her legs go up to the sky and she can bend her body back showing off every angle and every inch of curve. I loved her lithely dancing around the sword shot after shot. I could feel the sun on my skin and she definitely is something to heat up a cold fall night.

She’s topless in most of her photos, so I am afraid there isn’t much for me to show here. Her body really can bend and dance around nimbly, but don’t take my word for it. Give the photo a click and see if you think her stoic beauty can bring a bit of warmth to your own cold nights.


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