Anya Olsen rocks the frock for Bare Maidens


Bare Maidens is every Ren Fair citizen’s dream and Anya Olsen is the hidden level. I love the style of Bare Maidens as I am a bit of a Ren Fair geek myself. The backdrop is a bit castle interior and Anya is thoroughly enjoying herself at the feast. Although there are a lot of NSFW photos here–and I mean ‘really not safe for work’–there are also more than a few that I can share with you.

Costuming is everything for a Bare Maiden and Anya’s is stunning. I love the wardrobe used here. The simple white underneath a rather well put together blue and gold front. Anya’s jewellery not only crowns her head but sets off her blue eyes. Her eyes are a great feature in this set because the rest of the colours really draw the light shades out. What Anya is really good at is being expressive with her eyes and lips. I really loved the photo where she’s letting us in on a secret. I can’t show you that photo because, well, let’s just say the secret is shaved bare.

I thought about trying to ‘filter’ a few NSFW shots into SFW shots but no matter what I tried, I wasn’t happy with the result. The blocking too away too much of Anya and that’s never a good thing. If you love Ren Fair or have a bit of a Princess crush, then this is definitely the shoot for you. As I said, I’m a bit of a Ren geek and I just loved this offering. Anya is the perfect blend of innocence and seduction–she simply mesmerizes.


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