A bare Angel


GodsGirls gives us an Angel feature out in the woods. She is wearing a coat. I’m pretty sure that’s the only thing covering her up as she has, through all of my reviews of her, askewed all other forms of clothing. Trust me, I’m not complaining. What she loses in clothing, she more than makes up in ink. From head to foot, she is inked. There are some pieces still being developed (like the ones on her butt) and others that are full color pieces (like the ones on her chest). She seems to be completely fine in her own body and that is the definition of sexy for me. Someone who is secure to have her canvas on display and have everyone see her artistic expressions is someone who should be appreciated as that is a rare person indeed. I know that after looking at all the pictures that aren’t safe for work, I can say Angel is a person to pay attention to.


angel, bare in the woods



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